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Because we know travel distribution is complex, we power any type of company selling travel to make it simple and seamless

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We build products
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We build products, services and technologies that help businesses source, book and service travel in a more accessible, simpler and cost-effective way.
We contract, standardise and deliver access to a wide variety of travel contents whatever the source.
We standardise workflows for our customers by automating processes, managing operations and providing custimer services, to deliver a digital end-to-end customer experience.

Our travel platform is a unique digital travel provider serving various industry channels with flights, accommodation, cars, transfers, packages, and other services (insurance, payment solutions, etc.).
Our innovative technology solutions are available to all travel professionals and intermediaries to help them make the best of their business.

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our history

Travel and tech for you

Founded in 2015 by Carlos and Nicolas, our group is made up of a passionate and complementary team of travel and tech specialists.

To expand the scope of products and services made available and to onboard the corresponding 'know-how' in as early as 2016 Carlos and Nicolas began to put together a team of complimentary entrepreneurs through a succession of build-ups.

Franck and Julien were the first to join in 2016, bringing the expertise of the H-Resa team in hotel sourcing and distribution. The combined platform gave access to the two main inventories of travel : flights and accommodations.

Olivier then joined the team in 2017 to strengthen the in-house technological capabilities with Koedia, a French leader in hotel connectivity and booking engines with more than a 100 partners already connected at that time. The combined technological know-how allowed the group to internally develop its own NDC capabilities for the flight business line.

In 2018 the group continued its path towards the industry digitalisation, with Frederic joining the group along with the mTrip team, specialised in white-label mobile applications for various segments of the travel industry.

The group then added packages with its Idiliz brand and car rental and transfers products into the platform.

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Management Team

Carlos Da Silva

Co-Founder / Vice président

"Travel is the only thing you can buy which makes you richer.

Travel is the best school of life you can imagine: sharing / pleasure to discover / team spirit. It’s why travel has always been central to my professional and personal life."

Nicolas Brumelot

Co-Founder / CEO

"Act for others !

Passionate about travel and a committed sportsman, I like to work with a team united by strong human values that focus on others, convinced that it is important to act for others and to lead one’s life trying to have a positive impact. "

Emilie Dumont

Group Managing Director

Creating simple paths in a complex world gives us the potential to be unique.

Being a travel enthusiast, with a special affection for deserts, I try never to forget that "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." (Lao Tzu)"

Olivier Ferrero

Chief Information Officer

Great things are never done by one person
They're done by a team of people

Franck Demortiere

Chief Commercial Officer

Let's talk about travel

We'll find the solution matching your needs among our large product inventory.

Frederic Pilloud

Chief Digital Officer

Connecting Technology and People

My passion is connecting with people to help them find their travel tech solutions ; supporting them during the implementation ; allow them to book more and more with a mix of ecommerce and marketing practices.

Julien Manceau

VP Accomodation, Car Rental and Packages

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page Augustin D’Hippone      

Travel is a passion, and I am privileged to have been able to make it my job and to be surrounded by experts with whom I share the same values.

Frédéric De Pardieu

VP Innovation & mobile apps

Travel is an investment in yourself

Combining travel and creativity is what motivates me every day to provide our customers with the best experience.