Travel agencies

More than 5 000 travel agencies connect to our multi-product agent booking tool to search and book flights, hotels, cars, and transfers.
We offer a very broad inventory and a full range of tools and services to help agents (from independent agents to large networks) grow their businesses in a simpler and cost-effective way.



Through their dedicated agent booking tool for our travel agencies and thanks to the API directly connected to our package solution, MisterFlyPro solutions (part of Digitrips group) is helping us (more than 250 physical travel agencies and to offer the best flight, accommodations and transferts deals.
We have worked with them since 2015 and we’ve built a strong partnership to power our development.

E-commerce sites

We allow any online e-commerce business to sell travel to its clients in a seamless manner.

Benoit VALLA

Head of digital

We boost the content of our website by integrating Digitrips' white label solutions and API feed. Now we are proposing to our 400,000 monthly visitors to also book their flights and cars direct on

Tour operators

Our flight and accommodation content can be directly integrated by tour operators through our API to complement their direct sourcing. We also licence our white labels' mobile application solution to tour operators to upgrade their client experience to drive more revenues.



By integrating Digitrips’ API feeds (MisterFly for the flight and H-Resa for accomodation), we have boosted our capacity to package by more than 50 %
and add flexibility to our business with the capacity to create easily new catalogue destinations.

Employee benefit and membership programs

We share our strong expertise of restricted deals and points plans for employees or closed clubs members to make the distribution of travel easy for any membership program manager.

Maxime BOYER

Purchasing Contractor

Digitrips has managed our employee benefits travel program since 2018.

Our 40,000 members can easily book with them flight / hotels / cars and package for leisure holidays.

Hotel suppliers and seller

Our hotel distribution SaaS solutions and loading platform allow more than 100 connected suppliers comparison and multi-channel distribution management. We also allow our clients to access to direct negotiations with hotels and manage the distribution of their agreements in a simple and fast way.

George BAKER


Since we chose Digitrips's group SaaS solutions (Koedia), they have repeatedly proven themselves. Not only in having great competency and functionality in systems, across several product verticals, but also in being fair in discussions on the infinite contexts and business cases that emerge in such a dynamic industry.

I have no regret in partnering with Koedia. Our recent and continued exponential growth and success, is in no small part due to having Koedia by our side.

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