Our Values

Strong values are rooted into MisterFly,
bringing  all the group's teams together and driving our success.


The truth lies in simplicity


Treat others as you would like them to treat you


No one knows what they can do until they try


Do not try to be a person of success but a person of value


We only have the pleasure we give


We are proud to consider people
from all walks of life

Environmental engagement: We are taking action for sustainable travel.

In addition to the actions taken within the group's companies to consider the social and environmental impact of our activities, Digitrips chooses to tackle the causes of climate change by participating in emission offset programs. Digitrips participates in carbon offsetting by investing in certified reforestation projects that have a local social and economic impact, supported by the Sétosphère endowment fund.

This commitment contributes to the financing of certified programs for ecosystem restoration, agroforestry, and rural energy through a partnership with the Livelihoods fund.

We acknowledge that offsetting emissions alone is not enough to address environmental issues, which is why we are also committed to reducing our direct emissions, promoting responsible travel practices, and raising awareness among our customers about environmental issues.

Social Responsibility,
let's run together!

We are an official partner of Imagine for Margo, a non-profit organization that fights childhood cancer.

Nicolas' (our co-founder and CEO) strong commitment to raising funds inspires all teams and we regularly carry out awareness activities. Nicolas is board member of Imagine for Margo and also co-founder of the Imagine for Margo foundation.

Since 2015, Nicolas has run 47 marathons and 13 ultras to raise awareness and funds for Imagine for Margo to finance child cancer research.