Travel Distribution Platform

We operate an end-to-end travel platform, sourcing, standardising, distributing and servicing various types of travel content for travel intermediaries.
Our platform offers a wide range of travel products such as flights, accommodation, car rentals and transfers – all sold stand alone or as packaged products.
We distribute our content and services to travel professionals through our dedicated web agent booking tool, through our APIs or operating as a full-service white label solution for e-merchants or other kinds of intermediaries. We fulfill all bookings for our clients and partners.
The best inventory and travel agent expertise made available for you through our connected solutions (more than 500 Airlines via GDS, direct connect and NDC connectivities, 1.2million hotels and vacation rentals, 170 car rentals companies and transfer solutions to cover most destinations). 


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How to connect with us ?

Our full white label solutions

Our easiest solution to add travel to your online business. We allow any online e-commerce business to sell travel to its customer base in a seamless manner. Whatever your business is, you can offer any or all of our travel products to your customer base without worrying about building tech, sourcing content, developing a site, nor processing the booking and any post-booking request from the traveler. We take care of everything for you with an end-to-end service !

Our API to grow your travel buisness

Our API let you access our flight and hotel content directly in your systems, whether you want to sell our products standalone or to package them with your own inventory : you shop our flights or hotels, we manage the order, payment to the provider, and post-booking servicing.
We are already connected with major travel tech companies and offer a single access point to a very broad inventory.

Our dedicated agent booking tool

Our one-stop-shop booking platform for travel agencies: access our full inventory of flights, hotels, car rentals and transfers through a unique and modern booking platform.
Just request the opening of a ‘pro’ account and enjoy the specific functions and products to help you grow your business. We fullfill the booking and manage post-sale requests throught our on-line post-ticketing service.

Technology software solutions

For those who are looking for pure technology solutions, we licence our innovative hotel distribution SaaS solutions for sellers and suppliers, developed and continuously improved with 15 years of expertise in the travel industry. With more than 100 suppliers and sellers connected, we offer access to an ultra-connected and open technology travel ecosystem.
Our suite of software solutions simplify the value chain, which is made complex by the multiplicity of supply, distribution and information systems.

We also licence our white label mobile app solutions to help travel intermediaries increase their own client satisfaction & loyalty to drive more revenues over their clients life cycle.


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